Is there a choice- being Privileged?


Growing up in one of the richest towns of NJ, which is jammed packed into various of classes from the super rich to super poor. I am witness to those who are privileged and those who are not privileged. In high school, I witnessed as those who were privileged slowly look down upon those who were not and those who were not ridicule and put to shame those who were.

As a person who is a strange bag of privileged (both of my parents went to college, my grandfather owns 2 homes in my town, 2 apartment buildings in NY and a secondary vacation home in PA. And though I reside in the lower portion of town, I can say I have blessed with extravagant gifts and have visited various of places to which my neighbors and fellow non-privileged counterparts cannot say they went) I am also not privileged (because I am also an African-American middle class female which means that I am double a whammy. Not only am I the target of racism but sexism. Talk about harsh.)

So I consider myself a neutral. Yes, sure I can flaunt my status and possessions as materialistic evidence that I am well off in comparison to others, but the color of my skin and body shape cannot deny that I am at a loss for certain things in life.

One thing I have learned about the privileged is that there are some that does place their privileged-ness as a badge, they speak to others who aren’t and state that they didn’t choose to be who they are. And you know what, your right. But only seeing the world through your privileged eyes is a choice and that is what non-privileged people don’t like.

They (non-privileged) don’t like it when you shame them for who they (non-privileged) are,  they (non-privileged) don’t like it when you speak about non-privileged life when you have never lived and spoken to someone who lives it but flaunt your so called information as truth, they (non-privileged) don’t like it when you try to say it’s not choice (to be privileged) but you refuse, absolutely refuse, to see theirs (non-privileged) as not a choice; they (non-privileged) don’t like it when you ignore their circumstances, and finally they (non-privileged) don’t like it when you separate them (non-privileged) from the rest of society.

I am not putting down privileged people because I am one of those privileged people. All I am saying is this:

“Privileged- being who are is not a choice. Your right. You was lucky and blessed to be who you are. But don’t forget for a minute, don’t ignore for a second that it is a blessing. And it is blessing that was incidentally given to you. You didn’t deserve it, because nobody deserves being a starving child in a third-world country. Yes your parent’s worked hard (just like mines) but don’t forget that their parent’s worked hard as well and there is no difference between their efforts. They might have had different results but both teams works equally to get it. (A painter and a sculptor both work equally hard to get their artworks. Though the sculptor gains a sculpture, and the painter a painting. They both worked equally to gain their prize.) You must understand that your parents might have gained more rewarding results in comparison to others. Sadly in this society. If you live in a certain area (due to lack of money) and work at a certain job (lack of education or racism or sexism limitations) sometimes no matter how hard you work, you only get certain results. Some people live in a limited society  that no matter how hard they work, their efforts due to environment, background and yes OTHERS can cause their results to be fruitless.

Yes maybe they didn’t have their parents working hard because they are orphans or their parents just don’t care for them. At times like those, you should be thankful to have someone who loves and cares for you. Or thankful to be born in a blessed family (even if they don’t love or care for you) And you should look at those who don’t have parents not with pity but with admiration. They was able to live on without love in their life. Understand that and it takes a lot of strength to live in a world filled with hatred and help those who can’t find their way. Don’t let these people go on to be criminals and blame their circumstances, but help them to get back on their feet and live the right way. Not because you know the right way, but because you are blessed with the ability to help someone out and to find the right way.

Being privileged is not a status, it’s not something that you just live with. But blessing, an ability to help others.

So you have more education than others, use it to teach those who can’t get it. You have more money, use money to help others who don’t have it. Whether that is setting up a business that supplies jobs to those who needs it, opening a hospital in towns where people can’t get proper health care or something else useful to the world. But don’t, please don’t just say, “Well I am privileged and that’s that!” NO!! Why not use your privilege to actually bring prosperity to yourself but OTHERS.

It’s not choice of being born, it’s a choice of living. Do you want to be looked upon as ignorant blessed person or as a human being who not only earned their title but has been called such because others have granted it to them due to their kindness, wisdom and actions.

Being Privileged- your right is not choice, but living your ignorance-is. And that choice is one I don’t like, you shouldn’t either.

I will be speaking to the non-privileged in the next diary entry!! For now that’s it!




2 Hours Worth of Sleep and buttload of Finals


I hate finals, its like no matter how good of a student I am during the year. I always find myself panicking around this time till the point where I am cramming till it is 30 minutes before the test or essay is given (of course it takes me 15 minutes to get to school and an extra 5 to find my class, so if I am home this of course lessens the time I actually have).

Especially since I haven’t been in the mood this semester, I simply lack the will and drive to improve myself. Until of course later this year. Where I finally decided upon focusing myself to a single task and that is a writing major.

As of right now, the only thing that is keeping me awake and possibly functional (as a human being) is a 1/2 bottle of 5 hour energy, vitamin water (which is jammed packed with sugar) and a small amount of substantial nutrients (bacon).

During these times, I wonder if undergraduate school is it worth it? If it even counts in a world that pushes so much for higher degrees for the simplest of jobs. I realize that this is only the beginning, that undergraduate doesn’t mean anything in this world. And in fact, I have to spend another possible 200,000 or further become more in debt to society in order to get a job (and I would be even lucky to even get a high paying job that actually covers my needs and quickly pays off me debt.)

I’m beginning to feel as if society just might be screwing with me….. But right now I am too tired to continue in these thoughts.