Finals are over!!! Black Desert online!!!


THANK GOD!!! I am finally free!!!

Just had my last final today and I am so happy to be free from school for a month. This year has been rough mentally for me, if I may be honest. But the finals this year has been the easiest. There was only one final I was truly scared for but the others were ridiculously easy to pass. I am so confident in my grades this year, I am pretty sure I’m going to be keeping my behind on the Dean’s list this year.

So what am I going to be doing this break? Well this break I am dedicating to my Youtube Channel and getting back to my 66 fans. For those of you who don’t know, I am newbie youtuber whose focus is on natural hair and gaming. I dilly dally in other things but my main focus will be in gaming and natural hair (more specifically my journey to natural hair).

My community has grown quite a bit since I started doing Youtube more aggressively. I am looking forwards to connecting back with my group of followers and also playing new games out. With Black Desert coming out this holiday season! I can’t wait to try it out for myself and give people a look into the world of Black Desert.

Black Desert for anyone who doesn’t know is MMORPG game that is gorgeous. MMORPG are games in which you can create a character and follow a story. Basically instead of games where you must play as a specific character. MMORPG take on a aspect of free roam or slight freedom. Meaning you are free to choose things, what weapons you might wield, people you choose to accompany you and even what class you are. But more than that it is a open world aspect on a grand scale. Which means more lands to explore, deeper quest and playing alongside some of your best friends.

Now why am I playing Black Desert?

Because I am lover of MMORPGs of course, and I am absolutely taken by the graphics of this game. I mean it looks absolutely stunning. And I wish to try out this game for myself. I have been hearing how great of game it is, and I want to see it for myself.

So for any of you who wish to join me on my journey through Black Desert why not check out my channel when the game comes out!!! I will be posting videos the minute it opens to the public. So be on the lookout at this channel:



Do I Continue or Stop here?


So today was my final “Singing for the Actor” and as my fall semester quickly comes to an end. I wonder if I should continue in my minor. I was recently discovered an old friend of mines from high school was graduating. I never felt more proud for her. I was truly happy for her. But I began to wonder how long I have been in college. I have lost tracked of the years to be honest. And the more and more I thought about it, more and more I wondered if getting a minor in musical theater was really worth it.

Was I really actually going to use my minor or was it holding me back from graduating. With two minors under my belt, I discovered that with the more time I added to my skills. The more classes I had to take which meant the more time I would have to spend in college. Not that I am ready for the real world. But I began to wonder maybe it was time to let go of the old desire of Broadway. And if I was really into musical theater, maybe it’s time to make it a major for graduate school.

I wondered where my minor has taken me and if it was possible to continue in it. Not that I have never dreamed of being on the stage. I have but I want so many things in life, but I have to focus on one thing at a time right now.

But if I drop a minor it doesn’t mean I quit on the dream, in fact there are plenty of other ways for me to still continue in my musical dreams. I could take up classes outside of classes, audition more and possibly try out for the musical theater major at another college. But I know that I don’t have much time left in college (at least as undergraduate) and with the cost of it going up each year. I think it’s about time I trim myself.

I end my minor this year, it doesn’t mean I gave up on my dream. But rather it just means I must find another way to my dreams. That might mean, depending on my own skills and on God to find a way.

I’m Back!!!!


Hey Everyone,

I’m back!!! Sorry for my absence-life has certainly happened to me. Bad things and good things, confusing things and clear things. But one thing I can say for sure- is I am so happy my Christmas Break is coming up for school. This year has been a laid back and sadly hard year for me.

I tried to take a break this year by taking less classes but ended up being so lazy this year that I didn’t care enough for my classes to take them seriously. Now I’m just praying that I can graduate from college, get my degree, get a decent job and go to graduate school and finally determine my career.

So this year I have accomplished much: I have entered my Junior year of College, happily celebrating my year anniversary with my handsome boyfriend and typing on my new fancy computer (which I built with my bf) as well as purchased myself a new Wacom Companion 2.

This year I have determined within myself to live my life for myself. Meaning: I am going to live my life more confidently.

That means going back to writing everyday, drawing everyday, singing everyday and caring about my future. For too long I have let my shyness and pessimistic teenage years drag me down. As I approach 22 (yes 22!!) I am beginning to think about what I actually want from life and from myself.

What do I want from my life? Happiness. I want to be happy or rather joyful. I wish to find joy in all situations, to live out my life and know that I am doing things that drive me to a better future. I want to enjoy my life and everyday. I want to understand myself and understand the world around me even more than I did before.

So I want to tell you guys- that I am back! And I am not only back for good but possibly forever through all trials of life. I hope you guys join me on this journey.

-Christine D.

Acting, Writing or Teaching….


For the last two days I have been contemplating between acting lessons and writing lessons. I don’t know which to choose out of the two. And lately I have been thinking about my future and where I want to go in the next five to ten years. My teacher suggested that I should get a MFA in English, my career adviser says I should get a degree in Creative Writing and go into film or go into editorial work, either as a writer, poet or editor. Musical Theater teacher says that I should take a chance, take a leap into the theater world, my friends says I should continue to sing and my cousin says that I be on the stage. And my family believes I should go the safe path and be a teacher.

Though I tell them that I would be horrible teacher. Constantly telling them how I rant, lose track of my thoughts, have a terrible way of explaining things and a lack of leadership abilities and traits. They believe that teaching is the only path I can take when majoring in English. I don’t know what’s the true path for me, but I know that there is something more within me. Than teaching. And though I love my teachers and I know that teaching is important. I know within me are novels yet to be published, are poems screaming to be heard are songs tickling the hairs of my tongue, scripts waiting for me to read, are TV shoes desiring to be viewed and words wishing to be written.

Maybe I’m going the wrong path, but I believe that I can only find the right path by trying out my dreams. Even if they sound impossible. I know that I will regret not taking the leap.