Bio: I am somewhat of a downer, maybe the first optimistic downer. I like sweets and salts all in proportion, I like being part of a crowd and yet being on my own like a wolf. I come from a long line of people who say you should always be with the family, where I am more of a I wish to be me for GOD. Maybe my belief in God is ridicilious but it he has brought through things that I know I would've never survived without him. I am a person who is open and yet stubborn, sweet and defensive. I am not perfect, I have never said I was perfect. And I won't claim that for myself. For I'm not perfect. But I am a work in progress, I wish to be something greater than just myself. I wish for things outside of my selfishness in order to make other people's lives and my own more memorable. Maybe that's impossible, but I wish for it.

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