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Lebster awards is to bring forth new writers and their writings (or bloggers and their blogs) and give them an opportunity to be recognised.

I was nominated by shmockolog.wordpress.com
Thankyou very much shmockolog, sorry I don’t know your name? Anyways this really means a lot to me. I’m glad you liked my blog.

The rules are as follows :
⚪answer the questions you were asked by the person who nominated you.
⚪nominate blogs you enjoy visiting (upto 15)
Criteria: they should have 200 or less follows (Since the whole idea is to promote less known blogs)
⚪give a few questions for the bloggers you have nominated


Questions for the blogs I have nominated are:
⚪How do feel about writing?
⚪How did you start writing? (not quite literally, I mean writing writing)
What/who inspires you?
⚪Do you prefer milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate?

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A must have


Ojonoka Zekeri-Abikiaje


A book written by Jeremiah Olafimihan

One of the major problems in our present day society that have become very worrisome to parents, teachers, educational administrators, policy makers and the government is the poor academic performance of students, especially in post-primary and tertiary institutions. How could this ugly situation be changed? What could be done to improve the academic performance of our students?

The book titled, Maximizing Your Academic Potential, provides awesome answers to the aforementioned questions.Every chapter therein serves astablet and injection to cure the “deadly disease” of poor academic performance of students and as tonic to fire-them-up towards achieving academic excellence.

In this book, revelations, insights and practical steps that students can take to achieve academic success are well spelt out. Effective study skills, thinking skills, information on reading strategies, efficient study process, practicable suggestions on how to improve…

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