I’m starting to realize I’m a people hater


I hate being in a crowd of annoying, dimwitted people. That believe they are the only people that matter in the world. I have discovered after trying to reach out to people that I just don’t really care for people. Or at least I have gotten to a stage of life, where I no longer just want to be friends with someone to not be lonely. But I desire a friendship that actually means something, that I can actually feel safe in. I have discovered people that I truly connect with are few and to be honest, rare. Not because I’m b*tch but simply because I just can’t stand being around fake people.

I hate people who believe they are the only people that matter, and feel as if in order to feel important or fulfilled they have to put someone else down for being different. Just because I’m not as sociable, not a heavy drinker or smoker. Or hang out with people outside my circle of friends. Doesn’t give anyone the right to make me feel like shit because of who I am.

If you don’t like me then please don’t screw with me. It’s annoying dealing with people who are simply fake. I can’t stand the fake smiles you have for me. If you want to be friendly with me actually stretch out towards me. But don’t be quiet after I say hi to you and call me weird later because I didn’t say something you like. I’m sorry. I can’t stand living with people anymore.


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