Turning 21 is quieter than I suspected


So January is over and I officially turned 21 ( Yay! Me!) right? I mean turning 21 from what I saw from tv and culture meant everything. I mean no more child like appearance, no more pain, no more depression, and no more being limited based upon my age. I thought I would suddenly grow into a beautiful, curvacious, sexy, club-hitting, drinking adult. And that society or my parents will give me a apartment  in which I could live in, in addition to a possible boyfriend for life (husband) and the world will start to want me. But I found turning 21 was smaller than I thought.

What do I mean by smaller?

Simple, turning 21 was not that big of a deal. I mean yes drinking and clubbing is always fun. I won’t deny it. But drinking to my heart’s desire and clubbing was not what I really wanted out my life. And it was then at that moment. That no matter how many clubs I could go to now than before and no matter how many drinks I could order now in comparison to before. I would still and sadly enough be considered the same old Christine. And with such a responsibility. I had no choice but to accept my life for what it was limited.

That even though I was 21, I would still have to go to school, I would still have to attend classes, I would still have to date various of guys before I found the “one” and the world nonetheless wanted me sorted out as working or not, rather than digging for me like treasure and cherishing me.

Turning 21 is big but its not that big. And being consumed by alcohol and drugs will not make you feel anymore adult like until you yourself take responsibility for your life like an adult. And though that part doesn’t sound that fun to most. Paying the bills, getting a job, aging. It is a part of growing up.

So yes pick up that cup of bud, throw that intoxicated dart towards its target and stumble about the streets with the blast music of the club still ringing in your ears. But never forget your responsibility. Cause with each age, it only gets heavier and harder to carry.


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