Per la Gloria D’adorarvi – For the Glory of Loving You


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Charlotte Hoather


One of the driving forces in Opera, well in the world really. is ‘love’.  From broken hearts to soaring expressions of true love. Whether returned or unrequited, we sing a wide range of emotions.  When I looked at the fifteen songs I’d recorded I decided the theme of the album was songs of love, “Canzoni D’Amore” in Italian, a journey of love and all its facets.

One of the most popular songs from the collection is Ernesto’s aria ‘Per la Gloria D’adorarvi’ from the opera ‘Griselda’.

‘Griselda’ is a three act opera called a drama per musica that was composed by Giovanni Bononcini.  He was an Italian baroque composer, cellist, singer and teacher.     Bononcini’s story is quite sad he was orphaned at eight, he was celebrated in London and compared to Handel but he left France in disgrace after being prosecuted for plagiarism, he died aged 77 in poverty.

Giovanni_Battista_Bononcini Giovanni…

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