He came through the door with roses and food…


My Special Guy, flawed but perfect as he is XD

Imperfect Writer: My Journey to Finding Myself


For the last month from October 8th till today November 14th, it has been the most amazing month for me. I haven’t dated a lot of guys. In fact I have only been serious about 3 out the 8 guys I have dated in my life. And the first one lasted on sheer willpower and nothing else. I have always been attracted to guys I could never have and took a chance on guys I normally I wouldn’t consider to be prize material. But this guy, he’s different.

He’s special.

So when I woke up this morning, to find in his hands a small bouquet of roses with a card attached and breakfast in the other hand. I discovered myself finally accepting what I have been feeling for this guy for the last three weeks.

My sweet T, is goofy, tall, a used to be fat kid (not in a…

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