The decision between late for class and missing it


Have you ever been so late, you don’t go?

Imperfect Writer: My Journey to Finding Myself

I have a pet peeve about being late. I hate being late to anything, whether its an event, a movie, a church service, and yes, even class, to the point that I would rather miss it than walk in and be embarrassed for being late. There has only been a few classes where I would proudly walk in late and the few that I do. Is because I love them with all my heart to accept the penalty of being late and/or I do not care for the class to even think about being on time. But most times I am simply fearful of coming to class late because of my teacher.

I don’t know if its subconsciously I am afraid of being pointed out or I had a teacher that mocked me about being late. But there is something about the idea of being late that I…

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