Love is a muscle.


Just a thought I guess…

Imperfect Writer: My Journey to Finding Myself

I am beginning to understand that human love is not a naturally applied part of our nature. But rather a muscle that is within us waiting for us to exercise into totality.

Too many times we expect people to love us and we expect people to express love and to be love. But too many times we are also disappointed by how lacking humans can express this love. We are disappointed when the people who we believe should love us, actually hurt us. When humanity that should see everyone as equal, but only see themselves as useful and special puts down, enslave, murder and rape their fellow humans. As if, they see their own kind, their own race, their differentiated reflections as animals, dust, and nothings. Love is a muscle, its a capability that’s within us all but must be exercised in order to appear.

Nature according to Merriam-Webster when…

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