Nana’s Lips


A short creative piece about my Nana and some observations about my past.

Imperfect Writer: My Journey to Finding Myself

A lifeless peach toned gnome whose cheeks were stained red with blush. And a smile forever engraved upon his face sits in a predominately black neighborhood, whose skin in comparison to the happy go lucky gnome, were rich colors of beige and browns. Upon these crowds were various mixtures of hairs ranging from tight curls to loose waves. Broad noses to small narrow peaks and voluptuous lips to small Juliet rose petals. Carrying upon them generations of blacks, slaves, servants, workers and Lords upon their skins. This gnome who so blatantly appeared joyful in the presence of a crowd that they themselves had often whispered their titles as lost humans, seemed rather blended with his environment. As if his white skin against the backdrop of this black neighborhood did not show him as vicious or naïve to the world. But rather somehow hid him away from troubles of the people…

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