Have you ever felt like you don’t know where your going? Like you know what you wanted but you didn’t know how to start? Have you ever wanted to run in your dreams but discovered that you couldn’t get to far? Well recently that is how I feel.

I moved out of my parent’s house and started living on campus. I have played nice girl, party girl and lonely girl and realized that I wanted to be all three. I have touched on comic making, writing and acting and realized that they all represent a part of me. I have been pushed in the direction of teaching and yet was told that my writing can take me elsewhere. I no longer know who I am, or maybe what I have found is that what I am is simply a blob of emotions, information and thoughts covering a vast spectrum of dreams.

I guess the only thing left for me to do, is to choose who I want to be. Is to choose what I desire to become. To become what others consider safe a teacher or take that risk to be a writer. To do something simple and keep a hobby or to make a hobby a stepping stone to my future. To succumb to my fears or to conquer that which once held me down.

What am I?


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