Happy 20th Birthday to me! (It was yesterday)


My parent’s have done so much for me, like paying my parking tickets to listening to my countless stupid stories. No matter what I do, they are always there smiling, waiting and helping. Thank you mom and dad, for being my parents and not my friends. There’s something special when a Parent is a Parent, and not your friend. I would not have made it this far with a bunch of friends, but with two parent’s who knew exactly who they were since the day I first came into the world. They knew they were going to have me before I was even conceived and they determined that I would be born with a purpose and not as an accident. That I would be named Christine not because it sounded nice, or that I looked like a Christine but because the name held great power among my family. Because the last person who bore this name in my family was someone who well respected not only among her own beloved but across this country. Thank you mom for having that dream of me, the little girl with long curly eyelashes, for playing jazz music when I was small baby. Thank you for giving me ballet lessons when I was small and reading Harry Potter books to me in your fabulous British accent before I went to bed. Thank you dad for letting me watch Annie, The King & I and other great musicals. For singing “Getting to Know You” as a lullaby. And drawing me cartoon characters inspiring me to draw. Thank you for teaching me about God, about family, about love and about respect. Thank you for suffering, for crying, for yelling, for whoppings. For all of this was to get me to this point. And I thank you, I love you. 


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