Resolutions turned into Lifetime Goals


  I have no resolutions this year, cause to be honest they have been the same since I was 8 years old. To lose weight, to get good grades, to become extremely pretty and to find love. Growing up they slowly changed and shifted into more rational wishes such as to become a healthy weight, to find the proper set of people in my life, to be successful in school and to be more confident. I’m sure when another year goes by I will still wish for these things unless they are accomplished within this year somehow. 

 Now could these  be stupid resolutions, maybe. Should I give up on them and forget about the New Years all together because I will never accomplish them, maybe. But we all somewhat wish for true love, we all wish to be happy and successful and we all wish for long life if not eternity, am I correct. Especially those who wish for world peace, and freedom of deadly diseases like cancer and such. Are these wishes stupid, are they meaningless and somewhat impossible.

Why should we let impossibilities hold us down, I wonder. Now I understand just going into the new years with no plans, no goals and just winging it. But I also do not look down upon those who wish to plan, to prepare or even set up their new year. Maybe they will never weight, maybe they’ll never fall in love, maybe there will never be cure for cancer. But what’s wrong for wishing for it. 

I still believe in the impossible, I still believe that people can do great things when they desire to do great things. That we can cure cancer when we choose to actually cure cancer and not play around with it or let it destroy us. The impossible is only what you choose not to see, what you choose not to believe, what you choose is the end. If you think its impossible to be happy, then you have chosen not to be happy. If you believe there is no such thing as love, then you have compromised to not fall in love. 

You choose what you want your year to be, not anybody else. So if you have resolution go with it, but always remember it is up to you to be successful. 


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