“If you carry y…


Beauty is not a physical image but a eternal and internal characteristic

Imperfect Writer: My Journey to Finding Myself

“If you carry yourself right, you will look right”

Glancing upon a picture today, I saw a beautiful heavy set girl with her boyfriend. Many was making fun of her, commenting on how big she was, or how her dress didn’t look right cause it was not meant for a curvy frame. A silent rage bubbled up in me when reading how these people concentrated so much on her looks, but they could not for the life of them see the gorgeous smiles that she shared with her boyfriend (who to some believed to be quite handsome). 

When has beauty ever been bound to a particular image, when I look at greek sculptures of beauty even these lovely women had back flab, even they had slightly thick legs and cheeks. When I look at the paintings, and even Popular icons like Marylin Monroe (who is not skinny as some believe)…

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